South West TAFE Booklist items are required for some courses and can be purchased via Campion Education.

A booklist is a set resource list for your course and you are expected to arrive at class on your first day with these learning resources.

On your course booklist, some items are mandatory and some are optional. Resources needed for later in the year can be stored away for future use but purchased all together for delivery or pick up.

You may choose to purchase items on the booklist second-hand or use a different supplier. Please ensure you purchase the correct title and edition.

How to view your course's booklist

  • the Campions website at
  • The course page on the South West TAFE website
  • Listed below
  • Hard copies are also available from your teaching department

How to order your booklist online:

  1. Visit Campion's website
  2. Follow the link “order online now"
  3. Log in using an existing account or create a new account
  4. Enter the code JHF3 to gain access to the South West TAFE resource list
  5. Order and purchase your chosen items
  6. Pick up your items from Campion or have delivered to you

Contact Campion

You can contact Campion Education if you need assistance with your order.

South West TAFE course booklist