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Helen builds social and communication skills

/ Success Story
Helen Anderson found she gained so much from her Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Step Up) course.
Helen Anderson Transition Education
Helen working at WDEA Enterprises

BEING outdoors and getting her hands dirty is what Helen Anderson loves most and now she gets to do it every week as her job.

Helen completed her final year of school at Hawkesdale P-12 College last year and moved into Dennington from the family farm.

She said she wanted to boost some of her skills – especially her maths skills and thought South West TAFE offered some great options for her.

In February, Helen started her Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Step Up) at South West TAFE and is loving everything about it.

“I love getting out and about. I like the class activities where we get to go out into the community and learn as well as the learning in the classroom,” she said.

She said she found the staff supportive of what she wanted to do and she really liked catching up with classmates during TAFE hours and school holidays.

Helen also started working at WDEA Enterprises earlier this year and loves that she gets to work outdoors in the Fresh Cut Herbs, Create and Collate and Clear-Cut divisions.

“If I wasn’t at WDEA Enterprises I would love to either be working on a farm or in retail,” she said.

She said she was really glad she had decided to come to South West TAFE to further her studies.

“It has really helped me in my work and with my social skills. I’ve learnt how to communicate with more people and I’ve been building my skills while working in a team,” she said.