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Brooke discovers a passion for working with children

/ Success Story
Brooke O’Brien is studying a Bachelor of Education after first completing a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care at SWTAFE.
Brooke O'Brien with child at daycare
Brooke O’Brien

Brooke O’Brien is doing what she loves best and that’s working with children.

Brooke discovered her passion while studying at South West TAFE and is excited about where her qualifications will take her next.

Brooke started her journey with SWTAFE when she was studying Year 10 at Emmanuel College and attended a SWTAFE Taster Day.

She said she became interested in hairdressing and completed a Certificate II in Hairdressing through the VET DSS program.

“I really loved it and it was great experience, but I decided hairdressing wasn’t for me,” she said.

Brooke then went on to finish years 11 and 12 and applied to Federation University in Ballarat to study primary teaching.

However, she when she heard a traineeship was being offered at The Honey Pot Child Care Centre, she thought it was a great opportunity to do something that she loved during a gap year.

She went on to complete her Certificate III and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with SWTAFE and it was then that she realised she had a passion for working with children.

Brooke is now studying a Bachelor of Education (early years) and is loving every minute of it.

“We’ll wait and see where it all takes me – I’m just keeping my options open,” she said.

She said her qualifications from South West TAFE had enabled her to gain work experience, continue to work while studying and had reduced the time of her university course.

“The traineeship was also great in getting your foot in the door in your chosen field - I’d recommend it to anyone.

“I loved my time at SWTAFE. The teachers were so supportive and they encouraged me to go on to further studies. It has opened up so many opportunities,” she said.