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Milly dreams of working in early childhood education

/ Success Story
A VET DSS course at SWTAFE is helping Milly Wright towards a career in early childhood education.
Milly Wright studied an Early Childhood Education and Care VET DSS course at South West TAFE.

“My dream job is to one day become an early childhood educator, so I’m hoping this course will give me the skills to take my first step into the industry,” she said.

Milly said the course was giving her great insights into the early childhood education and care sector as her teachers shared real experiences with students, making it easier to relate to and learn from.

“I am currently studying three days a week at Baimbridge College, one day a week in early childhood education and care at South West TAFE and one day a week I complete placement at Churchill Kindergarten.

“I love that this means I can experience first-hand what my future will be like after completing the course and becoming a full-time worker in this industry,” she said.

Milly said she was hoping to take a gap year to travel after completing her South West TAFE course.

“Afterwards, I am hoping to get straight into the workforce and gradually gain further qualifications to open up more career opportunities,” she said.