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GP Services @ SWTAFE 2017

Headspace Warrnambool provide an excellent outreach GP service at South West TAFE’S Warrnambool (incl. Sherwood Park) campus for all students and staff.  We would like as many students and staff members as we can gather to take advantage of this free service before the end of the year. The following GP Services are available for free:

  • Physical Health Issues & Injury Worries
  • Vaccinations
  • “Work Ready” Health Checks
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Sexual Health Screening & Counselling
  • Pregnancy Testing & Emergency Contraception
  • Antenatal Care

Please contact Administration Staff @ Sherwood Park & Student Services to book an appointment with one of our friendly GPs.


Download Flyer

Warrnambool Campus
Tues 21/3
Tues 18/4
Tues 16/5
Tues 6/6

Sherwood Park Campus
Tues 28/3
Tues 9/5
Tues 30/5
Tues 27/6

Warrnambool Campus - For more information or bookings drop into the Student Hub or phone 5564 8720.
Sherwood Park Campus - For more information or bookings or phone 5564 8525.

Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASOs)

Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASOs) give support and guidance to all apprentices, aged 15 to 24, in the first year of their apprenticeship.

They offer advice and assistance on personal and workplace issues and work with Registered Training Organisations, Australian Apprenticeship Centre’s and other service providers to deliver an integrated apprenticeship support service.

The ASO program aims to increase the rates of apprenticeship completion by providing targeted support to apprentices in the early stages of their apprenticeship. It is in these early stages that the apprentice is most at risk of cancelling the apprenticeship.

Contact the South West Region ASO Lee Martin on:

Phone: 0355648819 Mob 0409952038


Students with disabilities

The Disability Support team provides specialist information on support services and facilities, both at TAFE and in the wider community for all South West TAFE students.

Disability support services are available for students who provide and meet evidence of eligibility criteria. For a full list of eligibility criteria specific to a range of conditions please contact the Disability Liaison Officer on 55 648 783.

Proof of eligibility is required prior to provision of support services.

Services that may be offered include:

  • Entry to courses and enrolment
  • Physical access assistance including orientation to the Institute
  • Support strategies may include; in class note takers, interpreters, or transition aids
  • The provision of reasonable adjustments to facilitate that all students can participate in the course equitably
  • Alternative assessment arrangements
  • Support with bullying or harassment
  • Information and advocacy on equal opportunity issues
  • The provision of information, resources and specialist equipment including assistive technologies – software.

Other resources

Supporting students on the autism spectrum to transition to tertiary environments - see Eductation Pathways.

Support for Koorie students

Koorie Liaison Officers (KLO)

Our Koorie Liaison Officers are available to support our Koorie students by developing specific education and training programs to suit individual needs. They are available to talk with you about the best way to find information and the right people for you to contact, look at what programs interest you and developing a training plan to suit your needs.

The Koorie Community Education Officers are available to assist you with:

  • Support in the enrolment process including information about fee payments and concessions
  • Choosing the right course to help you work towards your career choice
  • Referrals to other support agencies, and
  • Provide tutorial support plans

Contact the Koorie Liaison Officer on 5564 8451

Study Support

Appointments can be made at the Customer Service Centre at all campuses.

South West TAFE provides students with a comprehensive support network to assist with study, work and social related issues. The Centre for Student Support can assist you with:

  • your personal wellbeing
  • study concerns
  • orientation
  • socialisation aspects of student life
  • study support
  • access to computers outside the classrooms
  • special assistance if you:
    • identify as having a disability
    • are from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

Study Support sessions are available at all campuses to help you with assignment writing, referencing, general literacy and numeracy skills.


Monday to Friday - 10 am - 1 pm
Drop-in support in the Library

Monday to Thursday, 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm
By appointment. Book in the Library or at the Learning Support Hub (opposite reception).


Wednesday - drop-in support in the Library
Thursday 12pm - 3pm


Tuesday 9.30am-4.30pm - drop-in support in the library
Wednesday 1- 4pm & Friday 10-1pm


Wednesday 9.30am - 3.30pm

For more information on Study Support for any of our campuses please contact:

Student Support

Youth well being

Our Youth Wellbeing Officer works to ease factors that affect the personal, social, educational and employment achievements of young students enrolled with South West TAFE.

Support for students primarily under the age of 25 includes:

  • Assisting students who are experiencing difficulties to complete their studies
  • Provides students with advice on and assistance with Mental health, legal issues, housing, finances, bullying or any other issue relevant to their time at SWTAFE
  • Supporting student engagement in classroom activities, assisting where required to identify any issues impeding their academic progress
  • Acting as a mediator, or advocate on behalf of students to ensure appropriate measures are implemented for students facing disciplinary actions by South West TAFE
  • Providing feedback on youth support services offered by South West TAFE
  • Offering referral support to external support agencies

Contact the Youth Wellbeing Officer on 0478 332 289 or 5564 8924

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