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Copyright and the Internet

Internet material is no different from other types of material and the usual copyright rules apply. Be aware that:

  • material on the Internet is considered to be published
  • country of origin is generally irrelevant
  • people who don't know what they're doing can publish material on the Internet. Their work may not be credible and they may flagrantly breach copyright. Unfortunately, ignorance on your part is no defence if you use such material.

What are the guidelines for using Internet material?
  • You can copy up to 10% of words. It may be unclear exactly what 10% is (a screen, a segment or a site?), so use common sense. (This will be determined in the courts one day.)
  • You may need permission to use tables, graphs or drawing created by someone else.

Can I include a link to another web site in my work?

You can include a link to the home page of a site in your work, but don't deep link without specific permission. It's best to protect yourself by getting written permission to link to the home page. You can use disclaimers and separate windows to separate other people's work from yours.

South West TAFE's website

The web site is our authoritative source for users, so the information on it must be accurate and must comply with legislative requirements.

Is material on our web site considered to be published?

Yes. Internet material is considered to be published. Material in the public area of our web site is available to anyone in the world.

What precautions must we take when posting copyright material to our web site?

We must ensure the material is only available to the cohort covered by our licence (that is, SWTAFE staff and students, not the general public).

Tafe Virtual Campus

SWTAFE is a registered user of the TAFE Virtual Campus (TAFE VC3) and has permission to obtain copies of the online learning resources contained within the TAFE VC Online Courseware Catalogue.

What is the situation regarding copyright and material on the TAFE VC3?

Most TAFE VC3 resources (there are exceptions) can be downloaded and modified. We can edit or remove content and activities within the resource and can add content and activities. This includes the combination of different resources within a single piece of courseware. The modified units can be used in the delivery of training, including fee-for-service courses, but the courseware itself cannot be resold.

Units in the TAFE VC3 catalogue with the code ending in SA can only be modified by up to 5%.

Screenshots of the courseware can be used in promotional material.

If I modify TAFE VC3 resources, do I need to acknowledge that I have done so?
Yes. You must acknowledge OTTE and the original developing team, institute or organisation.