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Creating Material
Writing material

The 10% rule only applies to using copyright material for distribution to students. It does not apply to the development of new materials.

  • in the public domain?
  • Can I use student work?

What should I do when I write material?
You should:
  • develop and use original words and images where possible
  • use any material for which you have written permission
  • include material from a published text if you have permission from the author and if students have assured access to that published work.

What if I need students to read material from another text?

You can:

  • direct students to the copyright material (examples)
  • include small amounts (up to 10% or one chapter, or up to 10% of the words of an Internet source) of copyright material if you are developing material solely for internal use with enrolled students. You must fully acknowledge the source of the material so that it's clear that it is someone else's work. This applies to Internet material as well as books.

What about material I am developing for commercial use?

For material developed for commercial use or publication, follow the guidelines of your contract. Generally, you should seek permission if you intend to use more than about 100 words of copyright text or any image, graph, table, plan or similar material.

What if I want to use material in the public domain?

You may use any material in the public domain. Material in the public domain includes material by Australian creators, artists, composers or writers who have been dead for more than 70 years from the date of publication.

Can I use student work?

You can use student work provided you have written permission from the student to do so and provided that you fully acknowledge the student as the copyright owner as you would other copyright owners. If you are using the work of a number of students, you might include a statement in the imprint page such as, 'All original works reproduced by permission of the artist'.


All original material produced by SWTAFE should contain clear identifying information. This helps your colleagues and others who may wish to access the material. Please ensure material carrying SWTAFE identifiers is original SWTAFE material and that it contains appropriate attribution for any copyright material used.

Institute materials

1. On the verso/imprint page:

"[insert title of resource and other identifying details such as course, module etc]

© South West Institute of TAFE [insert year]

[optional - insert name of Centre/Department/School]

All requests and enquiries regarding use and availability should be directed to:

Student Learning Centre
South West Institute of TAFE
PO Box 674
Warrnambool Vic 3280
03 55 648 861

South West TAFE wishes to acknowledge the contribution from the following persons in the development of this [insert appropriate descriptor eg. resource/book/course material].

[insert name of staff - alphabetically, by surname (the safest) and position.

2. On the footer of each page:

© South West Institute of TAFE [insert year]

Other materials

For all other copyright material, including other Institutes material, the following information must be included:

  • title of publication
  • name of author (where available)
  • name of publisher
  • actual page(s) copied