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Can I get permission to adapt another person’s work?

Yes. They may give you the right to adapt their material. If they do, you must:

  • always acknowledge them.
  • ensure you don't misrepresent them by changing the nature of their work.
  • add permission to the SWTAFE permissions register, see SLC.

The golden rule is 'don't make assumptions'.

Is it correct that one item can have a number of copyrights?

Yes. One item may contain a number of separate copyrights, for example, a CD may include a number of sound recordings, each of which is separately copyright; a video may contain moving images, a screenplay and music; and a book may contain text that is separately copyright and diagrams which are separately copyright.

What should I do if I wish to use another person’s work?

Establish who owns the work. If the copyright belongs to SWTAFE you cannot assume you may adapt the material, for example, commercial products developed by TRENDS and sold at a price to cover development costs, may not be adapted and may only be used if purchased.

  • Is it on TVET? This material may be used and adapted (and acknowledged) according to the site instructions. For further information, see
  • Is it on the TAFE Virtual Campus? This material may be used and adapted (and acknowledged) according to the site instructions.
  • Check the copyright statement on the material itself. There may be specific permission required to adapt and modify (and acknowledge) for educational purposes.
  • If none of the above applies, seek written permission from the copyright owner to adapt or modify the material. This may be freely given, or may cost. Please use the Copyright Permission Request template. Once permission is given please notify the SLC for inclusion on the SWTAFE Permissions Register.
  • In all cases, clearly acknowledge the original authors.